Have you ever thought of what the world would be like another twenty years from now? I suppose at some point in time, all of us think of what it would be like and how different it would be from the world that we live in right now. George Orwell was almost prophetic when he wrote the book titled 1984. If you are a college or university student there is certainly an opportunity for you to come across discussions based on 1984 essay questions . These are questions and debates that not only make you think, but also ones that are self-awakening, in a curious sort of way. In fact, there are many people, both young and old who keep wondering what will happen to them and their kids and kind of what Orwell portrayed, really came to pass.

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There are some courses that require their students to write a critical essay of the book. This essay will focus on what the book is about; it will also present a very critical view of the book and offer arguments that counter Orwell’s claim of totalitarian doom. In this kind of an essay, it is important to give all proper references for all the citations that the student makes in the essay. For instance, if there is a statement by a particular critic about the book, then due importance needs to be given to the source from which this statement of criticism is taken, in the right format. If this is not done, then there is every chance that the student will be accused of plagiarism¬† a strict no-no while doing term paper writing .

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